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The Waterfall Display

The Waterfall display can be controlled by adding query arguments to the URL. For example, if your Waterfall is accessed via the URL http://buildbot.example.org:8080, then you could add a branch= argument (described below) by going to http://buildbot.example.org:8080?branch=beta4 instead. Remember that query arguments are separated from each other with ampersands, but they are separated from the main URL with a question mark, so to add a branch= and two builder= arguments, you would use http://buildbot.example.org:8080?branch=beta4&builder=unix&builder=macos.

Limiting the Displayed Interval

The last_time= argument is a unix timestamp (seconds since the start of 1970) that will be used as an upper bound on the interval of events displayed: nothing will be shown that is more recent than the given time. When no argument is provided, all events up to and including the most recent steps are included.

The first_time= argument provides the lower bound. No events will be displayed that occurred before this timestamp. Instead of providing first_time=, you can provide show_time=: in this case, first_time will be set equal to last_time minus show_time. show_time overrides first_time.

The display normally shows the latest 200 events that occurred in the given interval, where each timestamp on the left hand edge counts as a single event. You can add a num_events= argument to override this this.

Showing non-Build events

By passing show_events=true, you can remove the "buildslave attached", "buildslave detached", and "builder reconfigured" events that appear in-between the actual builds.

Show non-Build events

Showing only Certain Branches

If you provide one or more branch= arguments, the display will be limited to builds that used one of the given branches. If no branch= arguments are given, builds from all branches will be displayed.

Erase the text from these "Show Branch:" boxes to remove that branch filter.

Limiting the Builders that are Displayed

By adding one or more builder= arguments, the display will be limited to showing builds that ran on the given builders. This serves to limit the display to the specific named columns. If no builder= arguments are provided, all Builders will be displayed.

To view a Waterfall page with only a subset of Builders displayed, select the Builders you are interested in here.


Limiting the Builds that are Displayed

By adding one or more committer= arguments, the display will be limited to showing builds that were started by the given committer. If no committer= arguments are provided, all builds will be displayed.

To view a Waterfall page with only a subset of Builds displayed, select the committers your are interested in here.

Erase the text from these "Show Committer:" boxes to remove that filter.

Showing only the Builders with failures

By adding the failures_only=true argument, the display will be limited to showing builders that are currently failing. A builder is considered failing if the last finished build was not successful, a step in the current build(s) failed, or if the builder is offline.

Show failures only

Auto-reloading the Page

Adding a reload= argument will cause the page to automatically reload itself after that many seconds.

60 seconds
5 minutes
10 minutes

Reload Waterfall Page